Days of Croatian Folk Theatre in Hercegovac

Five amateur theatre troupes took part in this year's Days, from Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia and Macedonia.

All Our Literary Meetings Vol. 1 Promo Event

The essays in this collection are inspired by the literary meetings staged in the Gradišće Croatian village of Koljnof. The driving force behind these gatherings and the promoter of this collection is the president of the Croatian Writers' Association Đuro Vidmarović.

The CHF Little School Motion Picture

The work of the School was showcased by Lidija Cvikić, one of our leading experts in the field of teaching Croatian as a foreign language, Igor Matijašić, the leading writer on this project, Marina Aničić Spremo, the author of the short documentary Spomenak, and Lada Kanajet Šimić, the head of the Little School.

The Self-Effacing Heroines of Our Diaspora

Jozo Župić's The Apostolic Work of Croatian Nuns Abroad is focused on the migrant worker experiences of nuns from twenty conventual communities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been printed following three years of serial publication in the CHF's Matica magazine.

CHF Almanac for the Digital Age

The latest edition of the CHF yearbook was presented by director Mijo Marić, Božo Skoko, Marijeta Rajković Iveta and the Almanac's editor Vesna Kukavica.

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