Embraced by the Past Book Promo

The Dubrovnik branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation was the venue for the presentation of the third and latest book by Antica Bavčević, a resident of Paris and native of the island of Korčula.


A Chilean Presidential Candidate with Croatian Roots

Third-generation Croatian immigrant to Chile and lawyer Carolina Nevenka Goić Borojević is the national president of the Chilean Christian Democratic Party.


Organum Cibalae Festival Co-organised by CHF

Festival organisers the Croatian Culture Association of Switzerland, the Vukovar branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation and the Matrix Croatica chapters in Vinkovci and Vukovar staged a rich event programme.


Lila Lupo, a Torontonian with Croatian Roots, Passes Away

This long time member of AMCA Toronto, a member of the Croatian Fraternal Union, a founder and stage manager with the Croatian-Canadian theatre troupe Histerioni, a successful business woman, an art enthusiast and collector, has left us in her 66th year.


Long-time Former Split CHF Branch Head Passes Away

She served as the head of the Split municipality branch office of the Croatian Heritage Foundation from the 1970s through to her retirement in 1990. She was much loved among the emigrant communities in Australia and New Zealand with whom she worked most.

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