Santiago Hosts South American Croatian Diaspora Meeting

The three-day gathering of the descendants of Croatian emigrants to South America, the third such event, aims to encourage networking and unity among the emigrant Croatian communities on the continent, to nurture the national identity and closer ties between the diaspora and Croatia Read more...

CHF Director Visits Emigrant Communities in Australia and New Zealand

CHF Director Marić was in Australia and New Zealand with a delegation from Bosnia-Herzegovina for a two-week visit to numerous emigrant representatives and associations to learn more about their work and activity.

Kreković Exhibition in Malmö

The gathered were greeted by Diana Vukušić, the president of the Federation of Croatian Associations of Sweden. On hand to speak of the artist were Elizabeta Glasnović Raguž, Ljerka Galic, and Vladimir Rozijan.

Croatian Women in Toronto in the Struggle for Our Freedom

Zagreb's Vijenac Hall in the historic old town Kaptol district was the venue on the 26th of October for a presentation hosted by the Croatian Culture Council of Documents from Exile: Croatian Women and Mothers in the War for Free Croatia (The Toronto Chapter of the Mothers for Peace).

First Croatian Indigenous Minority Communities Youth Forum

The forum, organised by the Croatian National Council and the CHF, pooled the participation of some twenty participants from the Hungarian part of the Gradišće community, the Hungarian part of Baranja, the Bokelj Croats in Montenegro, the Molise Croats in Italy, the Karaševo Croats of Romania and the Croatians in Serbia (the Srijem, Šokac and Bunjevac communities).

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