Third Branding Croatian Conference

The conference, staged in Zagreb, pooled some of our top design, marketing, research and sports talent: Pavuna, Ljubičić and Bruketa, Skoko, Zvonimir Frka-Petešić, Mirko Novosel and many others.

New Round of the HiT-1 Croatian Internet Course Kicks Off

Seventeen participants from seven countries have enrolled in this round. Five of the students are involved in this semester with the help of scholarships provided by the State Office for Croats Abroad.

Poetry Promo in Skopje

Croatian Language Month included the promotion of a collection of poems by pupils attending Croatian language instruction classes and the Duše collection of poems by Magdalena Džunkovska, a pupil attending Croatian language instruction in Bitola.

Croatian Federation Reps Meet Slovenian Parliament Speaker

The delegation was led by the federation's president Đanino Kutnjak, joined by vice presidents Vladimir Pobežin and Mijo Stanko, and Ivan Botteri, a member of the Croatian Association of Ljubljana.

Croatian Emigrant Almanac Promo

In the focus of interest of the majority of articles in this edition of the CHF almanac are women that have achieved affirmation in various fields of human endeavour, from the arts and sciences to the private sector. Indicative in this regard are the articles penned by ethnic studies expert Marijeta R. Iveta, diplomat Tuga Tarle, researcher Marina Perić Kaselj, opinion journalist Marija Peakić Mikuljan and, indirectly, the many other authors.

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