In Memory of Đuro Franković

We are proud that Đuro Franković, born in the southern Hungarian village of Fok/Drávafok near the Drava River, worked as a contributor with Matica magazine and the Croatian Emigrant Almanac. His work and great warmth as a person will forever inspire us in nurturing the Croatian cultural and ethnic identity in the European family of nations our two countries are a part of.


Meeting G2.2 Conference in Zagreb

CHF director Piskulić and the head of the State Office for Croats Abroad Milas took part in the conference, which aims to link Croatians living abroad with those in the homeland in business opportunities in the country. The conference is organised with major support from the State Office for Croats Abroad and the Croatian Heritage Foundation.

Travelling Exhibition Links Emigrant and Homeland Croatia

The exhibition was presented by organiser Nives Antoljak, artists and project initiators Ankica and Ante Karačić, and by CHF acting director Mirjana Ana-Maria Piskulić, who opened the exhibition and wished everyone a happy Independence Day.

Zagreb Promotion of Malkica Dugeč's Latest Book

Joining the author to speak about the book were literary critic Darija Žilić, writer Lada Žigo and the book's editor Antun Pavešković representing the Croatian Writers' Society as the publisher.

A Meeting with Poet Ljerka Toth Naumova at the CHF

On hand to speak about the poet and her lyrical oeuvre were CHF acting director Piskulić, the editor of the Macedonian Voice magazine and event moderator Milena Georgievska and historian and writer Đuro Vidmarović, a member of the governing board of the CHF.

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